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     We Provide the Products for Transport Equipment
                                          with High Quality & Good Price

We provide you the lashing belts, decking beam, partition for refrigeration truck and cushioning material, and also for the any other products at customer’s requests with high quality and good price.

             Dual Gear speed  chain hoists(WORLD-FIRST) 

                                                                  ☞VIDEO「CHAIN HOIST」                               



      TEL:+81-45-326-6336 FAX:+81-45-326-6338



2020. 05 Top page is updated. Special article for English page is added.
2020. 02 The English page has launched.
2019. 12 A silk-screen printing machine is newly introduced, and we have come to be able to print logo or texts 
on lashing belts. 
2019. 11 3t lashing belt is newly added to our products line-up. They fit to all users who purchases in large 
quantities. You can refer to the catalog from “products” page. 
2019. 10 Our products are going to be possible to buy on online store. 
2019. 09 Added Catalog for Chain Hoist with Dual Speed Gear System. You can jump from ”products” Page. 
2019. 08 Conducted strength testing for “FP Rail” a track rail for logistics arranged the product originally used 
in aircraft. Elaborate quality confirmation process have been done for sales release on September. 
2019. 07 Started selling Chain Hoists with Dual Speed Gear System the first mechanism in the world. 
2019. 05 Started selling the SEWOTA lashing belts. 
2019. 05 Made an agency agreement with SEWOTA (Germany).